Laura Chocolate
chocolate art
Laura Chocolate
(Cuban Girl)
Make your own Chocolate-salty-balls:
All you need is
-a couple of raw cocoa beans
-virgin coconut oil
-palm sugar
-hemp seeds, almonds or hazelnuts (optional)
-a piece of vanilla-pod
-himalaya salt or sea salt
-a stone grinder
First: peel the cocoa beans and grind them in a stone grinder, when they are nice and powdery add the sugar in little nibs and keep grinding; add the seeds and nuts (if you whish to add them).
Now, add the pieces of vanilla, the salt (just a dash) and the coconut oil.
Grind untill it forms a thick past and roll little balls from it.
Store them in the fridge for an hour or so and…enjoy!!
You can also roll the balls through some ground coconut or hazelnut if you whish.